A comprehensive set of services focused on delivering the best claims, damage and cost control outcomes for a wide range of stakeholders

Our services are focused on efficiently managing claims, recoveries, inspections and repair cost control. Fairness, honesty, transparency and independence underpin our service provision; damage and cost reduction our objectives.

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When a vehicle is damaged en route to the final customer, it is vital the claim is managed quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Whilst our services are directed at manufacturers, distributors and insurers, we never forget the dealer and the end customer require the claim to be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Repair estimates are reviewed against manufacturer standard repair techniques and times and repairs authorised quickly to minimise delays to the final customer delivery.

Sevatas investigate the cause of the damage and seek to recover the cost against the liable carrier. Where contractual terms or liability restrictions allow, we have an enviable recovery rate which is well in excess of sector averages. We deliver these through our partnership approach with all stakeholders in our sector.

Skilled analysis of claims data produces detailed statistical reports coupled with our practical experience in finished vehicle logistics means practical solutions aimed at reducing damage incidence and cost.

Whilst our services are pan-European in breadth, we also handle claims from further beyond, using partner providers in certain territories (such as China) where appropriate.

Online data access and reporting

Our claims services are delivered through our claims management system, Horizon. Built to support interactions from everyone involved in the claim, Horizon boasts a wide range of services and interactions with third party systems.

Retailers receiving a vehicle with damage are able to report their claim directly to us via Horizon. Horizon also supports the receipt of new claims reports via integrated mobile applications. To improve efficiency, recoveries are also managed via Horizon's Logistics Service Providers dedicated functionality. Clever workflow dashboards keep everyone informed of where the claim is and what needs to happen next.

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The benefits of using Sevatas

  • Sector leading experience, expertise and knowledge
  • Damage and cost reduction through data capture, reporting and risk management solutions
  • Excellent pan-European dealer service; swift repair authorisation and efficient claims administration using accessible and responsive multi-lingual teams
  • Massive reductions in administration; the complete service provided from damage identification to dealer payment and cost recovery

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When a vehicle requires complex repair processes to remedy damages sustained en route, it is possible the repairer may not identify the most cost effective way to complete the repair.

Our Engineering service is provided by our sister company, Contior Automotive AssessorsClick here to find out more about Contior.

Engineering involves the thorough review of repair estimates submitted by repairers / dealerships to identify opportunities to reduce the repair costs by amending estimates and agreeing more appropriate repair methods. We do this whilst at all times maintaining our commitment to the manufacturers’ approved repair processes and new vehicle quality standards.

Contior’s Engineers are all proven experts in vehicle repair processes and new vehicle quality standards. We work with repairers to identify cost savings collaboratively and seek opportunities to educate repairers on the best repair processes to use.

Our service is generally delivered remotely from the desktop utilising photographs, videos and specialist estimating software. We also have the option to visit the repairer in person if required.

Examples of costs savings include:

  • Identifying ways to repair, rather than replace broken parts or panels
  • Encouraging the use of ‘smart’ repair processes such as cold dent repairs, polishing and brush touch ups
  • Identifying examples where the need to blend painted panels into neighbouring ones is removed
  • Ensuring correct part prices and discounts are applied

Contior's services is also able to dramatically reduce the timeframes associates with authorising the repairer to proceed. This minimises the delay a damage causes in delivering the vehicle to the final customer.

Service options

Our Engineering service can work in the following ways:

  • For our current Manufacturer, Distributor or Insurer clients: As a ‘bolt-on’ to an existing Claims Management & Cost Recovery service
  • For Manufacturers, Distributors or Insurers: As a stand-alone service to work in conjunction with your own claims management arrangements
  • For Logistics Service Providers: As a stand-alone service to support your own processes to validate claims and your potential liability

The benefits of using us

  • Sector leading experience, expertise and knowledge
  • Multilingual validation capability
  • Cost reduction through the identification of appropriate repair processes
  • Improved dealer service; swift repair authorisation to minimise delays to the final customer

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Inspection of vehicles to identify damages at handover, establish liability and defend claims

Handover inspections identify if, where and when damage occurs.

Sevatas provides handover inspection related services typically to logistics service providers such as vessel operators, port operators, rail and road transporters. Our services also support manufacturers, distributors and insurers identify where damages are occurring.

Large scale movements of vehicles provide an environment where damage can occur. Independent inspections provide companies with protection from potential accusations of liability relating to incurred damage.

All inspections are delivered to high Sevatas quality standards, which we believe is the best in the sector, which also provides valuable data for future damage reduction activity.

If clients require tailored inspections to meet individual or OEM standards, we can do this. We have robust training processes and a comprehensive self-audit regime to ensure our inspections are as consistent and as accurate as they can be.

Being the ‘eyes’ of the client on the ground, Sevatas inspectors also aim to identify issues and possible causes of damage before they happen.

Data capture

Our in-house data capture units are at the forefront of sector technology and capture a wider range of data to enable better analysis and event reporting. To learn more, click here.

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