Sector wide systems underpinning our commitments to process efficiency and data sharing

Bespoke online systems built specifically for the Finished Vehicle Logistics sector for managing claims, recoveries and inspections. Our systems are built to interact and network with others to deliver seamless data transfer and processing.

Data capture is a key pillar of our service offering. Good data capture supports analysis of damages and identification of the activity necessary to reduce cost and improve the reliability of vehicle supply.

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Our claims management system Horizon is built to support the efficient processing of transit damage claims for dealers, logistics service providers and manufacturers.

With functionality to allow dealers and logistics providers to interact with the claim directly, dedicated workflows, task management and instant messaging solutions, Horizon is focused on making the management of transit damage claims as easy as possible for everyone.

Built to support data transfers, self-service claim notifications, recovery management and data reporting, Horizon underpins our commitment to delivering our vision for the sector of improving process efficiencies, cost reduction and improving logistics quality.

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Our web-based reporting facility providing access to vehicle condition reporting

Data from vehicle inspections protects against incorrect assignment of liability for claims and underpins activity to reduce damage within the supply chain.

Through the digitalisation of the inspection process, Vision receives data directly from both our own and third party inspectors to create the basis of a full vehicle inspection record.

Full data extraction and reporting tools provide transparency of data and analysis to support damage reduction.