The Sevatas Experience

It’s not just about having the services and people, but it’s about how you deliver the services.

Sector focus

Sevatas only operates in the finished vehicle sector and our reputation is built on our success here. We have a deep understanding of the dynamics of finished vehicle logistics and the main issues affecting it.  Our dedication to the sector, investment in technology and our tailor-made solutions specifically meet the needs of our clients.


This focus allows our people to become real experts in the services we provide. With more than 30 years of experience we have a large pool of skill and knowledge, as well as data, on which to base our recommendations and advice.

Our people come from across Europe, from a wide range of backgrounds, providing us with a comprehensive language and cultural understanding to deliver our services across all EU countries and beyond. Their skills enable us to provide a more comprehensive, proactive and informed approach to identifying and delivering solutions to meet our clients' priorities. We believe that our blend of competencies and our ability to integrate specialist services from third parties make us unrivalled in the sector.

All of our people are trained to Sevatas’s standards, which we consider to be the highest in the sector.


All our processes are documented and maintained according to ISO 9001:2015. We regularly undergo external auditing of our processes by our clients and external accreditation agencies. These evidence our processes meet the highest standards required of the leading global automotive manufacturers, their insurers and logistics service providers.


Sevatas claims and inspections data collection and management systems are built to have the maximum flexibility to deliver best outcomes. Our online web portals for both claims and inspection services are built to provide clients with live data and powerful reporting options. Click here to find out more.


Successful operations not only require good processes but also detailed planning to ensure smooth implementation. Sevatas has many years of experience in planning and implementing claims, audit and inspection processes on time and to specification. Sometimes the timeframe for implementation is very short for a number of reasons.

Thanks to the dedication of our people, and the rigorous planning and core processes around which we build our business, we are able to deliver the quick implementation of new and bespoke processes.