Logistics Quality Management Services

Quality is paramount in the logistics chain. High quality vehicle handling reduces damage, reduces costs, underpins lead times and helps provide the best service to your customers.

We provide a suite of services designed to help Logistics Service Providers improve vehicle handling operations in order to reduce damage, reduce cost and enhance the service you deliver to your customers.

Service elements include process and data assessments, operational auditing, operator training and the development of continual improvement processes. These services can be accessed individually or packaged together through our holistic management service.

Our team of experienced logistics quality and claims management experts can assess all aspects of rail, compound, vessel, port and transporter operations. We work within the new and second-hand vehicle sectors to ensure customer expectations of quality and service can be met.

The independent nature of our experts ensure autonomy and transparency against best practices developed over many years of experience across many vehicle brands throughout Europe.

Our approach

Know your issues

  • Assess whether your current internal quality management processes are able to meet your customers’ expectations
  • Analyse your claims and damage data:
    • Discover damage trends
    • Deep dive analysis of markets, routes and brands
    • Identify high-risk routes or locations
  • Foresee and minimise potential damage risks in the surrounding environment
  • Provide catastrophic loss mitigation assessment and planning
  • Advise on compound layout, management and planning to mitigate damage risks

Identify the cause / risks

  • Undertake root cause analyses
    • Based on known damage issues and our expertise in vehicle logistics, we identify the root causes of damage claims
    • These can support performance reporting back to OEM clients as required
  • Perform operational audits and/or training towards targeted damage reduction:
    • Existing quality management processes
    • Compound / equipment conditions
    • Handover process and inspection standards
    • Vehicle handling
    • Loading, securing and unloading practices for all modes of transport
    • PDI condition, planning and vehicle handling
    • Vehicle wash / maintenance compliance
    • Identify unsafe working practices
  • Offer corrective action advice including Cost Benefit Analyses and progress tracking

Implement process improvements

  • Provide improvement advice or training for self-auditing
  • Provide or assist in the provision of internal quality manuals and employee training material
  • Support the management of vehicle handling practices to ensure operations are assessed and adhere to internal and customer quality requirements

Monitor effectiveness

  • Assess the change in damage claim trends over time
  • Compare self-auditing results against recent damage trends
  • Conduct self-audit compliance checks

The benefits of using Sevatas

  • Informed, experienced claims and logistics quality experts with a deep understanding of your requirements
  • Greater understanding and transparency of your internal quality management processes
  • Damage and cost reduction through identification of your issues, risks and advice for cost effective process improvements
  • Help to provide your customers with an excellent service experience

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