Logistics Quality Audits

Quality is everything in the logistics chain. High quality vehicle handling reduces damage, reduces costs and helps deliver an undamaged vehicle to the customer.

Audits can be carried out on behalf of all parties with an interest in measuring and improving levels of quality and reducing damages in the supply chain. Manufacturers, insurers and logistics service providers all have a need to challenge whether best practice is being implemented and where improvements could be delivered.

Our experienced Logistics Quality team can audit all elements of the logistics chain to ensure adherence to standards and that correct processes are being followed. The independent nature of our assessors ensure autonomy and transparency when reporting against a set of best practices developed over many years of experience across many brands throughout Europe.

Identification of operational non-conformances leads to training, process review, improved quality and ultimately lower damage levels and costs.

Audits can cover the following areas:

  • Compounds – using either the manufacturer or the compound owner’s standards, audits can highlight compliance issues and track consistency variations.
  • Vessels – ensuring that vehicles are loaded in compliance with the vessel operator and manufacturers standards, or checking to see that vessels are equipped to minimise damages during loading and unloading procedures.
  • Road transporters – checking for example the quality of the operating procedures, equipment, loading/unloading operations and driver's clothing
  • Rail - ensuring equipment, as well as loading, securing and unloading operations are compliant with handling standards.
  • Route – following a vehicle from plant to final delivery provides a unique perspective on where and why things can go wrong.
  • Repairer – whether PDI or dealer repair centres our auditors can check that the environment and procedures are in compliance with manufacturer standards.

The benefits of using Sevatas

  • Damage and cost reduction through identification of issues and process improvement
  • Improved quality processes
  • Informed, experienced auditors with a deep understanding of your requirements

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