Corporate Social Responsibility

We actively promote and engage in activities that are in the public interest. The various accreditations we hold evidence our commitment to high ethical standards and business excellence.

In addition, we are proactive in seeking opportunities to support charitable causes and organisations through corporate donations but also, and most importantly, through the participation of our staff.

We balance the desire for business success with the needs of the wider communities in which we are active and upon which we have an impact.

Our community

We have a dedicated website that tells users about the "doing good" activity of Pound Gates, Sevatas and Contior. The website is for staff and other interested parties who want to follow what our "doing good" goals are, what we are up to, the causes we are supporting and the results achieved.

Pound Gates and Sevatas are businesses owned by Kevin Collins. By combining the resources of the businesses throughout the UK and Europe we have over 100 staff in multiple locations doing good in their communities. The businesses also have a wide range of clients and suppliers who we see as a crucial part of the resources and raising awareness that can help us achieve our "doing good" goals.

Click here to visit Our Community website.

The Soma Leo Foundation

In January 2015, we established our own charity, The Soma Leo Foundation. The charity built a school, The Soma Leo Academy, in western Kenya, and invests in additional phases of its development, meets its ongoing running costs, while supporting other nearby schools. You can find out more about the charity via its dedicated website.

Environmental policy

Our environmental approach is aligned to our general approach to doing good in our communities in that we seek to balance our desire for business success with the needs of the wider communities in which we are active and upon which we can have an impact.

We recognise that our operations as a provider of insurance and risk management services will have an impact on the environment. As a consequence of this, the management and staff of our business are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance. Whilst pursuing our business objectives we wish to minimise any negative impact on the environment.

  • Our staff will be at the core of our approach.
  • We will seek and embrace opportunities together.
  • Our environmental approach will continuously be aligned with our broader health and wellbeing agenda, encouraging our staff to be involved and engaged.
  • We will encourage and incentivise environmentally friendly and healthy ways of commuting.
  • Through clear and regular communication we will ensure all environmental initiatives and policies are understood and implemented throughout the business.

We will also work with members of our communities, such as clients and suppliers, to help them achieve their environmental objectives.

We will have policies which help us to consume energy, water and materials at acceptable levels and avoid unnecessary use or consumption. We will continuously seek the opportunity to use recycled products. Our national and international travelling helps us provide excellent customer service, however we recognise that this has an impact on the environment. We pay due regard to emissions when selecting company vehicles and embrace new efficiencies being achieved in engine manufacturing.

We will make appropriate use of public transport and alternative methods of communication, such as web-conferencing facilities.

Where we use materials we will consider their reuse and disposal. A key activity will be sustainable waste management, including recycling and reusing materials.

We will regularly review our policy to ensure it complies with all relevant legislation and that its aims remain relevant and support our environmental improvement agenda and our Doing Good approach.