Catastrophe Management

For manufacturers and insurers who are exposed to the accumulation of high numbers of vehicles vulnerable to a catastrophic event (such as a hail storm), we offer two distinct services:

Catastrophe planning

Effective risk management includes having a plan, ready for use, should the worst happen. Our Catastrophe Planning services are focussed on helping manufacturers, or their insurers, plan for a large scale, multiple vehicle incident.

Potential scenarios include:

  • Hail
  • Contamination (e.g. industrial fallout, insect)
  • Storms (on land or sea)
  • Flooding

Working with you and partners in the logistics chain, such as compound operators, we will create robust contingency plans, ready to be implemented in the event of a catastrophic loss. These contingency plans are designed to:

  • Establish vehicle condition quickly
  • Ensure effective communication to all affected stakeholders
  • Identify the most appropriate repair methodology to repair vehicles quickly and efficiently
  • Identify blockages with the potential to delay or incur additional cost

Catastrophe management

If a catastrophe happens, damaged vehicles need assessing, repairing and returning to the distribution chain. The challenges facing manufacturers, or their insurers, are awesome. Our experienced catastrophe managers are ready to help.

As every incident is different, we have a menu of services to select from:

A. First Response: Survey A quick approximate survey of the vehicles to swiftly ascertain damage severity, establish an initial loss estimate and identify appropriate repair options. The creation of an individual estimate per vehicle is an additional service option.
B. Incident management: Arranging repairs The identification of appropriate repairers and processes. The running of a tender process, supplier selection and support with contracting.
C. Incident management: Repair process management The management and physical oversight of the repair process; the resolution of problems (such as replacement parts supply) and communication to stakeholders.
D. Incident management: Post repair quality checking The checking of the standard of repairs to ensure all vehicles released into the distribution chain as ‘as new’.

All of these services are designed to enable the claim costs to be controlled and the vehicles repaired as quickly as possible.

The benefits of using Sevatas

  • Practical incident management and expertise
  • Swifter repair processing; minimising delays for the end customer
  • Cost management
  • Quality assurance and control

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