Overview for Logistics Service Providers

How you react to demands for faster lead times, cost reduction and continued improvement in damage rates will determine how you will succeed in today’s challenging market. The pressure to improve service whilst controlling costs has never been higher.

Damage adds no value to the delivery process, inconveniences the end customer and costs you money at a time when profit margins are as low as they have ever been.

Damage also gets passed from one party to another if the receiving party does not protect itself from such liabilities. Creating consistent handover standards and performing inspections offer protection.

We help you reduce damage and provide an excellent service to your customers. We provide protection against claims which should be assigned to others in the distribution chain.

Services for Logistics Service Providers

Damages to vehicles in transit cost our sector €200m annually. We identify improvements to vehicle handling to reduce damage and costs.

Logistics Quality Audits

Vehicle inspections identify where in the transit chain damages have occurred to deliver transparency at handover points.

Vehicle Inspections


When a vehicle requires complex repair processes to remedy damages, the repairer may not identify the most cost effective way to complete the repair.