Overview for Insurers

New vehicles are specialist cargo and require specialist solutions

New vehicles are valuable, emotive, accumulate in vast numbers and are generally unprotected. Logistics flows are global in nature with lead times measured in months. Whilst risks associated with this sector are unique, we understand them, the need for partnership and your focus on delivering beyond your clients’ requirements. After all, you have global brand names as clients and you want to provide them with the best solutions possible.

Catastrophic risks need to be understood to be underwritten. Your clients require support in the event the worst should happen. Vehicle manufacturers want visibility of data and rely on you to help them drive down damage and retained cost. They want you to provide risk management solutions that go beyond claims management services alone.

We understand the pressure insurers feel to adjust claims in line with manufacturer quality and repair specifications, irrespective of the policy conditions. We also understand their drive to ensure vehicles move swiftly through the delivery chain.

Your clients want to see better recovery levels achieved by insurers as they look to reduce overall costs through subrogation activity. Complex contracting and specialist logistics providers need to be handled by companies with a thorough understanding of the physical operations and dynamics of the sector.

Services for insurers

Vehicle inspections identify where in the transit chain damages have occurred to deliver transparency at handover points.

Vehicle Inspections


When a vehicle requires complex repair processes to remedy damages, the repairer may not identify the most cost effective way to complete the repair.

When a vehicle is damaged en-route to the final customer, it is vital that the claim is managed quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Claims Management

Catastrophe Management

For manufacturers and insurers vulnerable to a catastrophic event, we offer both pre-event planning and post event response services.

Damages to vehicles in transit cost our sector €200m annually and this doesn’t include the administration costs.

Logistics Quality Audits

Consultancy & Process Auditing

Damage and weaknesses can be identified through the review of claims management processes and audits.