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For importers and distributors of vehicle brands, damage to vehicles en route to you or during the delivery into your dealer network causes additional costs and customer inconvenience.

We have a range of services dedicated to importers and distributors which can help reduce damage, costs and administration.

Depending on how your vehicles are purchased from the manufacturer, vehicles sustaining damage en route into your market may require management of the repair.

Likewise, after arrival into your market, any damages received by your dealers, and the recovery of costs from the logistics provider who damaged it, may be a source of irritation and unnecessary administration.

Any damage causes additional processing costs, delay to delivery and broken promises to your customers.

Our services for importers and distributors are special designed to provide a cost effective way to manage issues relating to transit damage, taking away the administrative burden, improving data visibility and improving your service to your dealers and customers.

Dedicated services for importers and distributors

Damaged vehicles need repairing quickly so the customer delivery is not delayed. Repair costs need recovering from the parties causing the damage.

We recognise damage management can be a source of friction. If dealers are directed to claim against the delivering carrier, disputes can arise. If you are responsible for managing claims on your dealers, or compound repairers, behalf this creates an administrative cost for you.

We also recognise you want damages handled as efficiently as possible, minimising operating costs for all concerned.

We have three primary services:

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The low cost and efficient management of the claim and recovery for either the import route or dealer delivery routes.

The receipt and adjustment of the repairer’s claim through our multi-lingual on-line claims management system Horizon and recovery of costs from the logistics company, the selling manufacturer or an insurance provider.

Data from this service can be used to identify repetitive types of damage and the activity to improve vehicle handling to remove claims at source.

The provision of our Horizon software to allow dealers and logistics providers to manage claims together in a collaborative, fair and transparent way without the need for a claims agency actively managing each and every claim.

Our arbitration service allows either party to request help in the event of the claim becoming disputed or challenging.

Where you manage these claims yourselves, our software solution will make your processes more efficient and reduce costs.

Engineering involves the thorough review of repair estimates submitted by repairers / dealerships to identify opportunities to reduce the repair costs by amending estimates and agreeing more appropriate repair methods. We do this whilst at all times maintaining our commitment to the manufacturers’ approved repair processes and new vehicle quality standards.

Our Engineering service is provided by our sister company, Contior Automotive Assessors. Click here to find out more about Contior.

Contior’s Engineers are all proven experts in vehicle repair processes and new vehicle quality standards. We work with repairers to identify cost savings collaboratively and seek opportunities to educate repairers on the best repair processes to use.

Our service is generally delivered remotely from the desktop utilising photographs, videos and specialist estimating software.

With our 30 years’ experience, we can also support you with reviewing your inspection, damage, claims and insurance arrangements.

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