Horizon – Claims Management Solution

Horizon is our claims management software, utilised across all of our clients by our claims management teams. Handling over 50,000 claims p/a, Horizon has powerful data capture and workflow engines whilst being adaptable to individual client requirements and processes.

Horizon has been developed with system integration at its core, offering connectivity with third party systems to deliver efficient processes and data flows.

A core element of Horizon is the interactivity with all stakeholders associated with the claim. Retailers and repairers report and manage their claims directly. Logistics companies use Horizon to manage their workflow, manage communications and recoveries with us. Clients can review claims on-line.

Status updates instigated by one party in the claim (the retailer/repairer, the liable party, the repair cost engineers or ourselves as the claims agent) flow directly through to all other parties. Sophisticated workflow runs the claim efficiently and effectively.

Instant Messaging removes the needs for emails, creating efficiencies for all involved parties.


We are absolutely delighted by the positive feedback we receive from users, including these from carriers currently using it.

“The Horizon application provides a user-friendly experience. The ability to access all pertinent information in one place and generate necessary reports directly from the dashboard minimises user effort and frustration. A straightforward submission process and intuitive navigation contribute to a positive user experience”


“Horizon is a system which is easy to navigate and incredibly user friendly which is supported by having all the information we need within one area making the claims journey efficient for all parties”


“I personally log onto Horizon on a daily basis to update claims and where applicable authorise claims. Since starting to use the system over six years ago, I find the platform extremely easy to use”


“Neat interface and well labelled menus make it very user friendly, can be used with minimal training, just a little common sense!”


Retailers are further supported by our Horizon damage reporting app.

Available on Android and iOS, the app is a quick, friendly and efficient way to report damages identified upon delivery.

One feature of the current claims arrangement is the high number of queries and rejections of retailer claims to due to incorrect submission, failure to adhere to timeframes and incorrect documents / photographs. These cause delays and frustrations.

In addition, because the damage notation is made on the carrier’s e-POD, the carrier is in control of what is recorded. With the Horizon app, we are transferring this control to the retailer: they make the notation for the damages they identify.

By guiding the user through the process on a step by step basis, errors are removed, meaning a far more satisfactory process for the retailer and reduced administration all round.

The Horizon damage reporting app creates the claim within the Horizon portal, vastly improving the experience for the retailer submitting their claim.  The only requirement for the retailer to complete and finalise their claim is to provide the repair estimate. Damage reporting has never been easier without the control and management of the claim being reduced.

Once the claim is submitted, retailer and logistics service providers utilise Horizon to track and manage the claim.

For the retailer user, the Home page shows, via the interactive widgets, claims by status and those requiring actions from them.

The claim screen show the current status, key information and the options to add new documents, instant message and view correspondence. Contacting us via instant message removes emails at source whilst maintaining a record of discussions as they arise.

Logistics service providers access and manage their recoveries through similar looking interfaces.

Our development team will undertake to review and understand your infrastructure and requirements, so that Horizon can seamlessly connect to your systems, in order to manage the claim process.

Horizon supports powerful data reporting to identify repetitive damage trends and issues of concern. These provide the tools to reduce damage, reduce cost and improve logistics quality.

Horizon’s integrated dashboards provide touch of a button data, trends and deep dive analysis. Dashboards are available to you and crucially also to the logistics companies so they can see their own damage trends. They are therefore equipped to resolve the process issues which lead to damages arising in their deliveries to your retailer network.

The range and depth of our reporting is unparalleled.

Below you can view live demo dashboards, where you can explore how you are able to review key data and, by selecting dashboard elements, drill down into the data.

Once Horizon is established as the claims management platform, dashboards bespoke to you with live data will be embedded into Horizon for you to view whenever you wish.

Some screenshots of these draft dashboards are shown below:

If you’d like to learn more about Horizon, or book a live demo, please get in touch with Dominic Nichols or Matt Holmes.

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