‘Sevatas Sessions’
Automotive quality managers, February 2016

Following previous forums involving automotive logisticians and quality managers, on the 2 February we held the latest of our ‘Sevatas Sessions’ in Milton Keynes and were joined by representatives from eight leading manufacturing brands, representing a significant proportion of all vehicles sold in the UK.

The sessions explored trends in damage data shared by these clients and technological advances that may shape the future of logistics quality within the industry.

Technology is sparking considerable discussion between manufactures as the costs reduce and the value it can deliver to the logistics chain increases, more and more processes are becoming technology led. The centralisation and trend analysis of data as vehicles move through the supply chain are allowing all stakeholders within the industry to be far more dynamic and responsive to resolve issues quicker than ever before.

Within the session we also explored outcomes from the ECG Quality Working Group, Retailer estimate accuracy and updates on economic conditions affecting the industry.

The objectives of our sessions are to share knowledge and experience between industry leaders enabling them to make more informed decisions and establish best practice when it comes to logistics quality.

Our next Sevatas Sessions will take place in October and will be kindly hosted at the Jaguar Land Rover Solihull distribution compound. If you are interested in sharing in the discussion and wish to attend please email rob.appleton@sevatas.com