Hail season approaches... are you prepared?

As summer finally starts to make an appearance in Europe (the Spring never made it to the UK this year!), the sound of Paintless Dent Repairers (PDRs) knocking on my door tells me that hail season must be close!

After supporting six large hail events last year around Europe, we’ve the experience to support the management of catastrophic losses using four specifically tailored services. See our Catastrophe Management pages for more information.

Our 2012 hail events involved more than 2,500 vehicles across the continent with total costs estimated at more than €1,250,000.

Swift and effective management of hail events is vital in order to:

  • Identify the scale of the loss quickly
  • Appoint appropriate and approved PDRs to undertake the work
  • Repair the vehicles as quickly and as cost effectively as possible
  • Ensure quality standards are met and the vehicle can be sold ‘as new’

To learn more, an example case study of our activity undertaken to manage a large hail loss is worth a read.